RADPAYOR Computer Assisted Coding
RADPAYOR Computer Assisted Coding
RADPAYOR Computer Assisted Coding

RADPAYOR Computer Assisted Coding

A Radiology Management System

The RadPayor V10 auto-retrieves radiology reports and demographics from virtually all healthcare computer systems. Utilizing CAC technology it performs thousands of data checks and can actually learn from the results of electronic and paper EOBs and denials. Bidirectional concurrent ICD-9 to 10 conversions occur during scheduling, insurance verification, autocoding, and claims submission to meet each payor’s individual requirements

The results*: Less than 1% error rate at submission of claims, a number 5 times better than the industry standard. Coding efficiency at over 8 times the industry standard. On average, only 6 out of every 100 claims must be “touched”( normally caused by incorrect insurance information from hospital data systems.) IDTFs do not have this problem after instituting the RadPayor - see our references. Forced down coding is no longer required resulting in higher reimbursements. RAC, LCD, NCD, PECOS, CCI, debt, insurance verification, precerts, medical necessity and ABN edits are all automated to reduce your exposure to recovery actions. You now know in advance, at the time of scheduling, that you are going to get paid for the studies performed. Your staffs payroll is eliminated for those involved in the gathering, sorting, alphabetizing, keying, scanning, faxing, OCR, copying, emailing, shredding, archiving and retrieval of radiology reports and demographics. "Small balance write-offs" are recovered and mailing costs substantially reduced.

Too much or too little info? Contact us so that we may truly address your particular needs.

We would love to show you the utter simplicity of a single user running the RadPayor program solo; or the grand symphony orchestrated by a multiple facilities, multiple hospital, multi-state group.

“I found RadPayor an excellent tool that makes coding extremely fast and uncomplicated. The hot keys, color-keyed dots, diagnosis and LCD look-up tools contribute to the overall reduction of coding time. I would recommend this product to radiology business offices and radiology billing companies alike or anyone in the radiology coding business.” - Premier Radiology Consultants, Iowa

  • Become ICD-10 prepared
  • Enhance you existing software and Increase revenue
  • Go from 18% critical billing errors to 1.4% in one month*
  • Stop the “down coding” of your claims
  • Auto-code your modifiers
  • Auto-code locums, new referring physicians, new insurance plans
  • Replace 8 employees with just 1 using the RadPayor System*
  • Auto detects missing PECOS numbers
  • Increase coder efficiency 400-800%
  • Enhance both speed and accuracy of your system
  • Protect yourself from RAC, CCI, LCD, NCD denials/audits
  • Ability to utilize outsourcing and auditing services anonymously
  • Stop "small balance" write-offs
  • Text and email notification of online payment options

*past performance is not a guarantee of future results

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